Grant Submission Process

Grant Submission Process

Submission Process

Any nonprofit (501 C 3) organization may submit a grant application. Applications are accepted from May 1 to July 15 of the current year, and must be received in our office no later than July 15. Applications received in office prior to May 1 or after July 15 will not be considered.

Application Policies

Project outline should include direct impact on children and the specific benefits of the project. Budget figures are required for the project only – an organization’s annual budget or annual report is not required. References should be individuals with a working knowledge of the organization and the project. References may be contacted to answer questions concerning the grant application.

Approval Process
  • The Executive Secretary reviews all grant proposals. Those that meet the established guidelines proceed to the Board of Directors for their consideration.
  • Each year in mid-October, our Board of Directors meet to consider grant requests.
  • Personal appearances before the Board for the purpose of promotion and/or clarifying a grant by the grant applicant or associates are prohibited.
  • All grant applicants will receive written notification of the Board’s decisions.

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