Useful Links

Useful Links

News and Publications

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
The Chronicle of Philanthropy is one of the most widely respected philanthropic news publications.

Non-Profit Times
Non-Profit Times is a monthly newspaper dedicated to current issues in the non-profit sector.

Philanthropy Digest
Part of the Foundation Center's site. Philanthropy Digest is a distillation of funding news from around the country. The Digest does not exist in hard copy - it's only there for the wired among us.

Philanthropy Roundtable
Philanthropy Roundtable welcomes individual donors, corporations, and foundations as associates. All Roundtable associates are eligible to receive: invitations to annual and regional meetings, program and management consultation, complimentary copies of reports and monographs, a free subscription to Philanthropy, and discounted conference fees.

Guides and Evaluative Resources

Census Bureau
Looking for demographics? The Census Bureau has them.

The Council of Better Business Bureaus
The Council of Better Business Bureaus includes a division that reports on the records of national charities and offers information on local charities through its network of Better Business Bureaus.

The Council On Foundations
The Council On Foundations provides overall advice and resources for prospective donors, including a list of over 350 local "member" community foundations, who advise donors on local and regional issues.

The Foundation Center
The Foundation Center is an "independent non-profit information clearing house" designed to foster understanding of the foundation field by organizing and disseminating information on foundations, corporate giving, and related themes. Information including IRS data on private foundations is stored at five Center libraries around the country.

Guidestar, a service of Philanthropic Research, Inc., guides individuals by providing information on the programs and finances of the over 600,000 501(c)3 organizations registered with the IRS.

More than Money
More than Money informs wealthy individuals on how to best contribute their time and money to "creating a more sustainable and just world." Their services include a quarterly journal, counseling, and workshops.

The Internal Revenue
The Internal Revenue Service online. From here, you can download forms, check schedules, or get news on taxes.
The Internet Nonprofit Center presents monthly topics of interest and "The Nonprofit Files," a collection of useful FAQs. It is packed with news and innovative programs. Search IRS files with the Nonprofit Locator, and find answers with the Nonprofit FAQ.

National Charities Information Bureau
A watchdog site, the National Charities Information Bureau's mission is "to promote informed giving and charitable integrity, to enable more contributors to make sound giving decisions and to do all we can to encourage giving to charities that need and merit support. NCIB believes that donors are entitled to accurate information about the charitable organizations that seek their support. NCIB also believes that well-informed givers will ask questions and make judgments that will lead to an improved level of performance by charitable organizations."

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy mission is to make philanthropy more responsive to people with the least wealth and opportunity, more relevant to critical public needs, and more open and accountable to all, in order to create a more just and democratic society.

National Center for Family Philanthropy
National Center for Family Philanthropy, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, was established in September 1997 by a group of family philanthropists to encourage families and individuals to create and sustain their philanthropic missions. It is the only national resource center focusing on matters of importance to families engaged in philanthropy and their effective giving.

Trends and Analysis

The National Center for Charitable Statistics
The National Center for Charitable Statistics calls itself "the national repository of data on the non-profit sector in the United States," seeking to "develop and disseminate high quality data on non-profits and their activities." It also offers a "State Non-profit Almanac," which profiles charitable organizations by state.

Nonprofit Management
The Internet Nonprofit Center presents monthly topics of interest and "The Nonprofit Files," a collection of useful FAQs. Edited by Putnam Barber, Cliff Landesman, and Michael Gilbert, it is packed with news and innovative programs. Search IRS files with the Nonprofit Locator, and find answers with the Nonprofit FAQ.

The Nonprofit Managers' Library
The Nonprofit Managers' Library is a great source of templates and materials for nonprofit managers.

Volunteer Management

Energize is a site on volunteer management. Can order a wide variety of books on volunteer management here.

Board Source
Board Source provides resources for board members and organizations, including a large bookstore.

The Points of Light Foundation
The Points of Light Foundation provides information on volunteer management.


EDGAR stands for Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system. It is the Security and Exchange Commission's database of corporate information, including all annual reports on Form 10-K or 10-KSB. Some fundraisers are looking here to get information about salaries and assets of corporate management.

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